Winter Hair and Beauty Tips

As Winter draws in we discuss some beauty tips to keep you looking fresh and healthy during the coming months.

Protect your face: moisturise daily

Cold weather and wind can aggravate dry skin condition. It’s important to keep cleansing, toning and moisturising during the winter months. So, cleanse twice day to maintain your skin’s natural oils.
Tone and moisture after each cleansing to preserve and replenish the moisture in your skin. Use toner just once a day to help your skin’s pores breathe. Moisturise twice a day with an oil-based moisturiser to keep your skin supple.

To minimise the risk of dry skin, use a face wash with a cleansing oil, which removes dirt and makeup, but leaves skin hydrated.

Although it is winter you are still exposed to the sun’s rays which can cause wrinkles and moles. Try applying face cream with UV protection.

Use a moisturising night cream every evening. Apply a daytime moisturiser around your eyes and on dry areas each morning, after a dermatologist’s opinion on suitable brands.

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Oil therapy

Using oil when you bathe helps to moisturise and soften your skin. Try adding coconut oil before a bath to heal dryness and chaps. This helps to retain the moisture lost when bathing. Use a creamy soap that adds suppleness to your skin.

Keep hydrated

Keep your skin moisturised by drinking water regularly. Water helps to flush out toxins in your blood and keep your skin clear. An alternative to water is green tea.


Exfoliation is an excellent way to enable moisturisers to penetrate your skin. It removes dead cells. Oatmeal and honey are recommended. Use an exfoliator once a week on the face and neck.
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Condition your hair

Your hair will be exposed to wind and rain in the winter months. Use olive oil, coconut oil or a blend of oils to massage your hair. In addition, use a conditioner every time you shampoo as they add moisture to your hair.

Cold weather can also trigger the scalp to produce more oil to counteract the dry environment. The extra oil combined with dead skin cells can cause dandruff. So, wash your hair more frequently. Once a week use an anti-dandruff shampoo on your scalp and leave it on for a few minutes so it can work.

Wintry weather can also lead to split ends. Have a trim to minimise this.
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Look after your arms and legs

Look after any exposed skin. Use a body moisturiser to keep your arms and feet supple. Scrub rough skin on your arms and feet. At bedtime, use a moisturiser and massage it till it is fully absorbed into your skin.
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Protect your hands

Use a moisturising hand soap to help counteract the drying effects. Then, follow up with a hydrating lotion.

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