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Benefits of Massage

Benefits of Massage

What is massage? Massage involves pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage may range from light stroking to deep pressure. It is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

There are many different types of massage, for instance, swedish massage – a gentle form of massage that uses long strokes, kneading to help relax and energize you. A deeper massage using slower, more-forceful strokes can help with muscle damage.

There are many benefits to a massage for instance, a clear mind and a relaxed body. Regular massage will leave you feeling great, helping your body maintain its relaxed state. The main benefits of massage are:

Improve your well-being. A relaxing massage can reduce anxiety, stress and can reduce blood pressure. Stress relief is key to finding the balance of a healthy lifestyle. Even a single massage session has been shown to significantly lower heart rate.

Improve sleep. Not only can massage encourage a restful sleep-it also helps those who can’t otherwise comfortably rest.

Ease muscular pain. If you have sore muscles massage therapy can help by increasing and improving circulation.

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What you can expect during a massage You don’t need any special preparation for massage. Before a massage therapy session starts, your massage therapist will ask you about any symptoms, your medical history and what you’re hoping to get out of massage. Your massage therapist should explain the kind of massage and techniques she will use.

In a typical massage therapy session, you should wear loose-fitting clothing. You generally lie on a table. Your massage therapist should perform an evaluation through touch to locate painful or tense areas and to determine how much pressure to apply.

Your massage therapist may use oil or lotion to reduce friction on your skin. Tell your massage therapist if you might be allergic to any ingredients.

If a massage therapist is pushing too hard, ask for lighter pressure. Occasionally you may have a sensitive spot in a muscle that feels like a knot. It’s likely to be uncomfortable while your massage therapist works it out

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