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Caring for Body Piercing

At Ashnaa Hair and Beauty we offer body piercing alongside hair, beauty and nails. If body piercing is the next step for you and your beauty then we offer a safe procedure. See our Services for a full list of body piercing.

Cleaning a healing piercing is highly important. It is about keeping the wound clean while your body is healing itself. It removes any dead cells and the discharge excreted by your body. Regular cleaning also removes any external dirt and bacteria.

After care is a combination of basic hygiene and regular cleaning. Always wash your hands and dry them with a towel before cleaning the wound around the piercing. Regular checking is necessary so you are paying extra attention to your body and noticing if your cleaning is not working.

New piercings should be cleaned once or twice daily, depending on how sensitive your skin is and active you are. Ensure you clean every day for entire healing period. Use a saline (salt water) solution preferably after washing or bathing.

You can do this with a wet clean cloth or gauze in the solution and apply it as a warm compress. Alternatively, soak the wound in a bowl of salted warm water for a few minutes. Use a cotton bud to clean the area. Once the discharge is removed or softened, the jewellery can be gently moved to work the warm water through the piercing. When you’ have finished cleaning the wound, dry the area with a cloth

When you have a new piercing it is not uncommon for a piercing to bleed,. This may occur for short periods over a few days. Other symptoms you may feel include tenderness, itchiness and bruising. This may continue for a few weeks.
Some don’ts

Try not to over do it – don’t clean too many times or use too many products – this may irritate the wound.

Avoid over touching the area. Don’t unnecessarily turn the piercing.
If a crust develops over the piercing, don’t peel it off – leave it there as it is your body’s way of growing new skin around the piercing.

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