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Leg waxing

Enjoy the benefits of waxing with smooth skin

Benefits of Waxing

Waxing has many benefits so to make the most of it here are some tips. Waxing pulls hair out by the root, so that it grows back softer, finer, and thinner. To maintain smooth skin wax once a month or when your hair is long enough. Regular waxing becomes less painful as your hair follicles are pulled out more easily.

Before your wax treatment there are some useful tips to follow. The best time to have a waxing is when your hair is between ¼ and ½ inch long. Avoid growing your hair longer than this. Avoid taking a shower immediately before the treatment as it will make the waxing less effective. Nonetheless, make sure the areas for waxing are thoroughly clean. Tell your beautician if you are on any medication or using any medical products on your skin. Some products may make your skin more sensitive. If you have not waxed before be prepared for a temporary redness and minor irritation for a day or two. You may experience some itchiness as your skin begins to grow back.

Here are some pointers on what to avoid after waxing. Avoid heavy exercise, tanning or a sauna for a day as these will increase perspiration and chaffing. Avoid using scrubs and do not use deodorant as these may irritate your skin. Avoid shaving between waxing as it stimulates hair growth.

After waxing here are some tips to care for your skin. Use a very gentle scrub in that area about 2 days after waxing and continue to exfoliate for a week to stop your skin hardening up. If you have irritation tea tree oil will soothe your skin. Wear loose clothing. Remember, the more you wax, the less hair your grows back.

Leg waxing

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